Hull – steel improvements


Our exhaust and water outlet pipes were showing some age. We didn’t like the old pipes being welded straight to the hull. Instead of replacing the pipes we wanted to improve the design and bring it to commercial shipping standards. We therefor removed the old pipes and welded new one side threaded flanges in the hull. This allowed us to bolt new galvanised flanged pipes to these flanges making future maintenance much less of a hassle. In the process we also renewed the valves of these pipes.


Testia Composite did a hull thickness survey that showed we needed to replace some of the hull plating next to the stern tube and under the owners bathroom. For this work and to close two through hulls in the bow that were no longer in use we teamed up with Ruben DoƱaque Welding. Welding carried out by Lloyds certified welder with fire warden present. Welds were inspected and approved.

Munditubo provided the tent and scaffholding and Palmawatch in consultation with Pinmar repaired fairing and painted the areas with International primer.