There should be two steel brushes on Ocean Wolf.

Despite an extensive search party they remain missing in action.

Not in the machine room, not in the crew cabin, not onder the floor or even in the bilge. Not in the toolbox, the tool closet, not with the paint supplies…

This torpedoed the plan to paint new depth markers on the anchor chain.

Anchor chain

The quick fix would be to mark it with new tie-raps instead.

We did that before and they tend to disappear as they are being mangled by the chain.

A nights sleep provides new energy and inspiration to search some more. The challenge is provided by Occam’s razor. When it not in the obviously place it must be in a non obvious place. And there are many of those.

Eventually they turned up in the machine room. They were placed out of harms way safely tucked behind some cable duct close to the ceiling. Mystery solved.


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