Lefkas at the start of the winter season is nice and quiet. The only downside seems that the local dump is stocked with fresh trash. On windless days the smell quietly enters the marina for all yachties to enjoy. Apart from such inconveniences the hydraulic pump for the autopilot required attention.

During the last sail the pump started to make a lot of noise. Not good. The pump is driven by the prop shaft when under sail. I.e. it is driven using a belt and pulley. It turned out the pulley wobbled on the pump axel. Thus damaging the pulley and the axel. Grrr. With help of a mechanic/ metalworker in Lefkas this was resolved. Thus it was a simple matter of reassembling it all and inserting fresh hydraulic oil, determining a leak, removing the oil again, disassembling, fixing leaking seal, reassembling things and reinserting the hydraulic oil. A piece of cake. End result: no leak, no noise and an autopilot system that works once again. Jay!

Pump axle and pulley

With that done there is time to replace some sikaflex on the deck. bonus project: heroically trying to keep Daisy the cat from stepping in uncured sika.

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