After many moons at Lefkas Marina Ocean Wolf is finally on the move again.

We say goodbye to Lefkada for a while and motor south towards the island of Meganissi. Ocean Wolf is somewhat uncertain after having been at the dock for so long. Simple things require some help. Turning in a circle takes care of autocalibrating the compass. Rotating the speed log also requires a little help. The bowthruster wasn’t thrusting much due to loads of barnacles that had grown on the impellers.

Some dives later things behave a little better and we continue to a nice and quiet bay in the island of Meganissi. Here we anchor for the night and wake up to the sounds of construction workers who are busy building a house on the hillside next to the bay.

Next we head to Ithaka and pass by Scorpius. This privately owned island was previously owned by Onassis. While passing it we see large signs to welcome nearby boats. On closer inspection the text invites boats to please stay away. Booh!

Towards the end of the afternoon we reach Ithaka and anchor near Vathi port.

The village looks beautiful from the water. The houses all look freshly painted and well maintained. Nice to see that there are no high rise building to spoil the authentic Greek/venetia village look.

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