Autopilot lost the knack.

Ocean Wolf is navigating the Sardinian waters.

Oddly the trusty old Segatron autopilot is acting up. Every now and then it is a bit slow with rudder corrections. This makes cruising the Mediterranean somewhat more of a challenge then it ought to be. While not fully clear what is causing the problem the electronics are the prime suspect. By sheer luck we recently obtained a 2nd Segatron including an unused spares kit (currently located in a storage facility in the Netherlands). It has be salvaged from a ship that is currently being overhauled and will be refitted with an all new autopilot of more current vintage.
At request of the crew the custodian of the spares kit quickly sprung into action and dispatched a package containing a spare Segatron brain.

Segatron brain in its box at the UPS drop point.

We hope UPS delivers it undamaged to Ocean Wolf. A liberal amount of tape has been applied to the box to aid the process. With some luck the new electronics will fix the rudder problems. Fingers crossed.
Segatron spares kit.

It arrived at the Ocean Wolf and replacing the original turned out ok. The initial test are promising, the Segatron is making quick rudder adjustments once again. Full testing will commence on the voyage to Sicily.
The latter made possible in part by the latest navionics chart that has been installed. It covers the Mediterranean in full while the previous chart only covered it up to Sardinia.

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