Mast head unit

Our old mast head unit failed.
So we bought a new one which is backwards compatible. Sadly it was only compatible with the previous model in the B&G series. Not with the last century kit the we have fitted in the Ocean Wolf.
Ocean Wolf has a B&G H3000 cpu unit. Once upon a time that was a fancy piece of advanced technology, now its vintage and worthy of a place in the maritime history books as the successor of the sextant. I.e. the B&G H3000 works with the analog B&G MHU 213 wind sensor only. Not with the 508. Not with the 608. Its signals pre-date NMEA and require the H3000 to digitize them and to send them onwards the the rest of the instrumentation.
Hidden in the bowels of the navigators cabinet:

So the ‘wind sensor’ model 608 was returned to the shop although it looks remarkably similar to the old mast head unit model 213:

As luck has it the older model can still be found new. Although getting it delivered quickly proved to be a challenge. Our advanced google skills paid of: some emails and phone calls later we found a supplier on the island that managed to get it to us within a few days. (For reasons not fully understood the regular B&G dealer could only deliver in 14 days. Go figure).

The theory states that we merely need to connect our new cable to the MHU213 and hook up the color coded cables to the little patch panel beneath the mast foot. That should connect it to the H3000.

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