Feeling hot?

Ocean Wolf is in sunny Valencia, Spain.

The weather is great. The sun is shining, the sky is blue there is a slight breeze.

The windcatchers installed, the ports holes are open. We created some extra shade on deck with a makeshift Bimini extension. i.e. a piece of cloth, several pieces of string and an arch of carbon tent pole. Life is great.

At some stage however we thought it’d be great to run the for a bit and cool things down the modern way. We turned on the airconditioner. Seconds later we learned that that one of the room fancoil units sprang a leak. Water sprayed around like a little fountain. We stopped the fun by quickly turning off the airconditioning. We contemplate spending summer on slightly cooler shores. Perhaps in Greenland, while it lasts?

Perhaps one day we can make our trusty Climma work again.

Bye bye Sardinia

After staying in Sardinia Ocean Wolf is moving on. The storms passed and wrecked havoc in Valencia. There was quite a bit of wind at the dock but calmer weather has arrived hence it time to make a move.

On route towards Mallorca

Near the coast of Sardinia there was good cellphone reception which was convenient.

Ocean Wolf has been at sea for a few days and has been heading East. Mallorca is now (nearly in sight).

Bye bye Malta

After heaving spent the Xmas and new year period in Malta Ocean Wolf is heading East (ish).

While on Malta Coffee Circus Porto offered a safe haven to the crew when away from the water by offering a great community, great coffee and Pastéis de nata.

Malta is great!

From the marina in Ta’ Xbiex it was a 2 minute walk to the divecenter where we filled up the dive tanks. A little bit of diving was done: the periodic cleaning of the props and some fundives were take care of.

And the climate was sorted out such that there is some heating as winter is coming. Most impressive was the next business day delivery when ordering a part from Spain. Lefkas eat your heart out!

Ocean Wolf had planned departure by January 4th but it took few days waiting for the wind and waves to turn in a desirable direction.

With a steady wind in the forecast the first night sail should be good…