Ocean wolf has new wind scoops. They keep the simmetjes manageable.

Bye bye Sardinia

After staying in Sardinia Ocean Wolf is moving on. The storms passed and wrecked havoc in Valencia. There was quite a bit of wind at the dock but calmer weather has arrived hence it time to make a move. Near the coast of Sardinia there was good cellphone reception which was convenient. Ocean Wolf has […]

Leaving Lefkas at last

Lefkas was great again. Well…let’s exclude the smell produced by the garbage dump next to the marina. The forecast is promising. …

Poros and beyond

After leaving Pireas/Athens Ocean wolf spend a few night in Poros. Time has come to move on though. Rounding Poros brings the Ocean Wolf on it’s route back to the Ionean. The long way around. After another day sailing there is a lot of progress. Oct 9, 2019 15:03 UTC , Course 334.0°, Speed 8.5 […]

Moderate gale?

As we were woken up by some light breeze while on our sheltered anchorage we decided to rise early (at 6-ish) and spend some hour motoring north. Up against 30 knots of apparent wind. B&G display Obviously this mostly to test the clear view screen some more.

Wind scoop

As we empirically established temperatures in Greece can reach >30C. Thus we wake up a little earlier to enjoy the cooler morning hours such that we can relax during the hot afternoon. To keep the indoor temperature somewhat manageable we installed some wind scoops. These tunnel the breeze above deck to the cabins below. We […]