Cabrera is a small island south of Mallorca. It is a protected sanctuary. This time of the year it doesn’t have many visitors. I.e. Ocean Wolf was the 2nd ship visiting.

Bye bye Sardinia

After staying in Sardinia Ocean Wolf is moving on. The storms passed and wrecked havoc in Valencia. There was quite a bit of wind at the dock but calmer weather has arrived hence it time to make a move. Near the coast of Sardinia there was good cellphone reception which was convenient. Ocean Wolf has […]


Sailing from Malta to Sardinia went as planned although some motoring was needed when the speed dropped below one knot. Ocean Wolf arrived at the southern tip of Sardinia. A very (very) peaceful place far from worldly distractions.

Leaving Lefkas at last

Lefkas was great again. Well…let’s exclude the smell produced by the garbage dump next to the marina. The forecast is promising. …

Most popular bay in Greece?

Location This bay is surprisingly popular as can be seen on the radar display that shows all the surrounding ships at anchor. it is key to keep a close eye at the neighbors, at newcomers that might attempt to anchor too close for comfort and the anchor alarm.