Pre-Xmas challenge

Shortly before xmas Ocean Wolf decided to throw its crew a little challenge. The toilet vacuum pumps demanded emergency maintenance.
The Dometic Sealand pump for the port cabin failed to keep vacuum. Given its location behind the pump for the port cabin we decided to give them both a clean and replace the duckbill valves and the ‘plungers’. It was a shitty job but turned out well.
It also inspired the creation of a detailed spares inventory such that it’ll be easier to find the required spares next time around.

Gibraltar and beyond

Ocean Wolf left Portimao and is heading to the Mediterranean. A stop at Gibraltar showed that the Monkeys are still occupying the rock. The diesel tank is filled up again. Food was provisioned.
Gibraltar monkeyGibraltar
Onwards it goes. Travel plans involve minimal time in Spain for a while.

While passing Cabo de Gata some Orcas showed up to give the Ocean Wolf greetings from a distance.
Sailing along the coast the watch needs to be on constant lookout for fishing nets. These tend to be marked carefully by unobtrusive blue buoys.
The wind changes direction and so does the Ocean Wolf.

saturday morning: