Sardinian bus adventures.

Let’s start by saying that Sardinia has a great network of buslines that can get you close to where you need to be.

Figuring out which bus is the best option can be a bit of a challenge. Specially when it’s a local bankholliday that nobody mentioned.

It is key to understand that there are several competing bus operators: ARST and Turmo Travel bring you from Olbia to Cannigione.

The ARST lines can be found via Google maps tickets can be bought via the DropTicket app. The Turmo Travel ones requires their app for planning trips and buying tickets. ( I think Turmo also allows buying the ticket in the bus, ARST does not: DropTicket is a must but the driver typically lets you in when indicating that you’ll instal it to buy the ticket.

Funding the correct bus stop is the next challenge. Google maps will show it and it’s often clear on which side of the road it’ll be.

For Turmo travel its not so obvious. Their app only shows the start and endpoint but not the exact route.

The locals are often not much help as everyone seems to guess or default to the arst busstops. Turmo has some lines that go directly to the airport with transfers in OLBIA… thus is important to pay attention and be on the lookout for the actual bus and it’s signage.

The busstops can have all sorts of timetables that can or cannot provide solid clues. And can match with Google maps… or not.

A bus stop on either side of the rod can have identical schedules, so these are not always helpful when trying to determine in which direction to take the bus.

The busdrivers tend to be very friendly so that compensates for the rant above. Buses are clean and have AC, that’s a relief too.

Bus stop. Two poles with 4 different timetables.

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